Your Success Is Also My Success

I Believe That In This Day And Time, A Digital Brand Can Launch You Into A Billion-Dollar Business

My Mission

There are millions of businesses that are fighting for a spot in the online world. I’m here to help small business owners succeed, beat out their competitors and make them feel proud of what they’ve built. I´m here to take your business to the next level, to take it to the digital world and help you to build your business online.

Now it´s the right time to invest in online business, so don´t lose your opportunity, act today.

About Me

I´m Natalie, Founder of Brand Artist Girl

I´m a Polish girl that has lived all around Europe, and for the last few years, I´m located in Barcelona, Spain. I am obsessed with self-development, yoga, meditation, travelling and of course digital branding.

For me digital branding is like the creation of art, the internet is the canvas, and digital specialist like I am, paints on that canvas the digital branding aspects to bring your business to life online.

With a background in marketing, management, sales and e-commerce I can understand problems and frustration that business owners may feel and how hard it is for them to find a way in the current digital world.

Thanks to my knowledge and experience I help nusinesses around the world improve their online presence and gain confidence online by creating for them aesthetic and strategic online branding presence

Why To Work With Me

I will make your brand compelling and make the consumers feel like they are part of the company on its journey. 



Ready to look at things from a different perspective in order to achieve the goals.



I have an entrepreneurial spirit. Always well organized, responsible and motivated to achieve goals.



I like to keep people in the loop on the essential things. Communication is the key to the success.



Digital Business World is my passion. Helping business owners to achieve their goals is my pleasure.

My Work Process

This Is How We Will Work Together


I always begin with a consultation to see if we’re a good fit for each other. After consultation, we will send you the proposal and contract. Once all administrative part is done I will start working on your project.


I’ll send you in-depth questionnaire that will help me to craft a detailed brand strategy and to understand better your business and your preferences.


At this point, I will begin designing, developing, and getting the creative & analytical done and I will keep in touch with you to make small adjustments or transform the direction if necessary.


Finally, I´ll get you prepared and equipped to go live with your project. I will share with you any necessary files to help you use and manage your new digital branding tools.

Get In Touch

If You are not sure where to start and what you need exactly, I am here to help.

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