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Social Media provides incredible benefits by reaching millions of customers worldwide.
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Why Social Media

Social media networks are present in the lives of millions around the world helping to connect with the customers, increase brand awareness, and boost leads and sales.


In 2019, Facebook acquired 2.45 billion monthly active users. 82% businesses believe it is the best platform for lead generation.


1 billion users utilize Instagram on a monthly basis, with half of those individuals using the social platform every day.


Q4 earnings report indicated a 26% increase in their active user base granting them 335 million users in 2019.


In the first quarter of 2020, Twitter had 144 million monetizable daily active users (mDAUs) which is a 24% year-over-year growth.

With The Right Strategy And Plan, You Can Build Out An Intentional And Authentic Presence On Social Media That Provides Value To Your Audience And Serves To Grow Your Business.

I Create A Customized Social Media Strategy Specifically For You.

I am here to help you maintain your presence across social media platforms, and keep your customers engaged while letting you stick to what you know best—running your business! I offer pre-structured services plans based on your needs with optional add-ons to make your package truly customized and shaped to your brand goals.

What I Can Do For You

Social Media Strategy

Design and implement social media strategy to align with business goals, help sharpen your presence online, reach your most valuable customers and grow your business and online branding recognition.


Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with an online influencer to market your products or services to improve your brand recognition. Influencer marketing is genuinely mainstream now with 67% of brands using Instagram for this purpose.

Management and Marketing

Build out an intentional, authentic presence on social media by creating and distributing creative content to engage your audience in unique ways. Communicate with followers and respond to queries in a timely manner.


Conversion Optimization

Conversion is the core of Social Media Marketing activity. I will use some effective and powerful strategies to get the results you need to grow your business and generate sales.


Content Creation

Content plays a crucial role in brand recognition, audience engagement, and lead generation. I can share content provided by you, improve your content or create brand content for your company that will be engaging and creative.

Beating Algorythms

Algorithms are constantly evolving.  To maximise organic growth and keeping up with these changes is very crucial for businesses to be able to win a spot on their consumers’ news feeds. I follow all news and updates to make sure that your brand won´t lose visibility and reach.

Accounts Setup and Optimatization

An unoptimized social media profile fails to engage new users and stops business growth as well as drive traffic, increase email subscribers and boost sales. I´m here to help you to set up your new account or optimize the existing one to create engaging and informative social media profile.

Social Media Paid Advertising

To maximize your brand visibility online reach the quickly right audience at the right time and with the right messaging and connect with audiences that are unlikely to discover your brand otherwise you can use paid advertising and get your brands good results in the short period of time.

My Social Media Management And Marketing Approach

Keep in mind that when starting up a new social media strategy, you won’t go viral overnight. It will take some trial and errors before all efforts really take off. And, there is really a lot that goes on behind the scenes of each and every one post on social media.


We will discuss your challenges as well as identify your goals. Then, I will research current trends, competitor strategies and audience habits to develop your strategy.


Once we’ve got a strategy, I will start creating the content – posts that will speak to your target audience. Content that will be the heart and soul of your social media.


I will schedule each one of your posts so they are seen by the right people at the right time in the right place for peak engagement opportunities.


When it comes to building a following, it’s all about engaging with your audience. I am here to reply to all comments, messages, give likes and follow new accounts for you.


Thanks to producing monthly and quarterly reports, I am able to track a variety of actions from likes to shares and everything in between that I will share with you.

Engage Your Audience In Unique Ways.

If you are not sure which direction to go with your social media activities, I am here to help you.

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